My Story

Being from the small town of Montville, Connecticut the world always seemed so far away.  Throughout my education I always felt the need to broaden my horizons and find a way to reach out to the world.  I realized from an early age I enjoyed entertaining people as much as I enjoyed learning about them. I’ve always had a passion for provoking emotion.  Like most dreamers I struggled at first.

After attending the University of Alabama I found myself in need of money (like every other college student these days).  I put my dreams on hold and joined a rising cyber security firm in Boston, MA.  I found success, but no matter what I did, something always felt it was missing.  This was not what I wanted

Although I found success, there was a part of me that felt empty and unfulfilled.  I felt like I needed a change but couldn’t quite put a finger on what exactly that was.

“Nature Never Deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves”

Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Around 24 I realized that what I needed to change was my direction.  It sounds simple but if you’ve ever been turned around in life… you’ll understand the complexity of the matter.  My happiest moments were spent entertaining my friends and family.  In that moment I made a choice to follow my dreams.  In July of 2018 I was lucky enough to be 1 of 16 candidates selected out of 100,000 people for the cast of CBS reality TV show, Big Brother, Season 20.  I could not be more thankful for the opportunity to finally fulfill my dreams.

Our brand is meant to remind people to never give up.  Our goal is to inspire everyone to meet the goals they set in life.  It doesn’t matter if your goal is to entertain, to learn, to inspire change, or even to preserve.  Our brand is based on the idea that no matter what your dream, go after it.  If you’re going dream-chasing – you might as well look classy doing it.  With the right look, and the right attitude, anything is achievable.